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            Henning Larsen建筑事务所将在菲律宾完成IC锥形摩天楼直指天空——菲律宾新地标“ICONE”塔ONE摩天楼的建设

            henning larsen architects chosen to complete ICONE tower in the Philippines

            Henning Larsen建筑事务所在菲律宾赢得了一个国际设计大赛,本次竞赛要求为马尼拉(Manila)的市中心设计一个标志性摩天大楼。在比赛过程中,这个丹麦公司从众多国际知名事务所中脱颖而出。这个“ICONE摩天大楼”的特点是有一个树木林立的大型公共广场,其中还有工作区、餐厅、带展览空间的公民中心和公共屋顶天文台。建筑师说:“这座摩天大楼的设计是一个探索过程。探索锥形摩天楼直指天空——菲律宾新地标“ICONE”塔高层建筑应当如何成为城市的标志、以及如何为人们提供服务。”

            henning larsen architects has won an international design competition for a new ‘iconic’ skyscraper at the heart of manila, in the philippines. in winning the contest, the danish firm saw off competition from JDS architects and j. mayer h., among others. the ‘ICONE tower’ features a large public plaza with a canopy of trees, workspaces, restaurants, a civic center with exhibition spaces, and a public rooftop observatory. ‘the tower is d锥形摩天楼直指天空——菲律宾新地标“ICONE”塔esigned to set an example for how tall buildings should give back to cities and its people and how to revitalize an entire area,’ say the architects.

            ClaudeGodefroy解释了Henning Larsen建筑事务所设计的ICONE摩天大楼/claude godefroy explains henning larsen architects’ design for ICONE tower

            建筑总高308米(1010英尺),Henning Larsen建筑事务所的设计拥有其独特的风格,目的是重新定义城市的天际线。Henning Larsen香港办事处的合伙人兼设计总监Claudebjergodefroy说:“我们的目标是创造一个可以回馈社会的高层建筑,该项目的特点是具有高度责任感,这是一个抽象的概念,不仅涉及材料和生产,而且涉及积极的社会空间,鼓励场所的亲密化和社区化。”

            climbing to total height of 308 meters (1010 feet), henning larsen architects’ design boasts a distinctive profile that seeks to redefine the city’s skyline. ‘we aimed to create a design that will be the benchmark of how a high-rise can give back,’ says claude bjer godefroy, partner and design director in henning larsen’s hong kong office. ‘the project is characterized by a high degree of responsibility, in relation to not only materials and production but also regarding positive, social spaces encouraging intimacy and community’.

            all images and video courtesy of henning larsen / the bases conversion and development a锥形摩天楼直指天空——菲律宾新地标“ICONE”塔uthority


            at the tower’s base, a public plaza — used for activities and social gatherings — incorporates a dense canopy of tall trees, designed to recreate the shade and she锥形摩天楼直指天空——菲律宾新地标“ICONE”塔lter of a tropical filipino forest. the majority of the building will contain offices with natural light, social spaces, access to green terraces, and atriums for larger tenants. at its pinnacle, the tower includes a public observatory with spectacular views across the city.

            建筑内部的办公空间拥有充足的自然光/the majority of the building will contain offices with ample natural light


            designed in collaboration with landscape architects SLA and BuroHappold engineering, the tower was commissioned by the bases conversion and development authority (BCDA) to ‘inspire and bring locals and tourists alike together.’ ‘this building represents a milestone for manila and the p锥形摩天楼直指天空——菲律宾新地标“ICONE”塔hilippines,’ adds bjer godefroy. ‘we aimed to make it a truly filipino building by understanding and integrating elements of filipino nature, culture and climate.’

            塔楼有一个观景台,在这里人们能够观看全市各地的壮观景色/the tower will include a public observatory with spectacular views across the city

            'ICONE摩天大楼'设有一个大型公共广场,其中树木丛生/‘ICONE tower’ features a large public plaza with a canopy of trees

            该项目位于菲律宾马尼拉的核心地带/the project is located at the heart of manila, philippines



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