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            章鱼彩票 app-狂欢的巴黎——新式社区大想象

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            Image YAM Studio


            Hamonic+Masson Reimagine Suburban Paris with New Neighborhood Plan

            Hamonic+Masson & Associs建筑事务所为巴黎社区重构了一种新型的邻里发展模式。这个“高层花园”项目旨在建造具有城市规模的建筑,全新的生态小区与周边环境相呼应,构成生机勃勃的社区氛围。

            Architecture practice Hamonic+Masson & Associs have designed a new neighborhood development to reimagine suburban Paris. As the winning entry in the Inventons la Mtropole du Grand Paris 2 competition, the "High Garden" project was made to propose 章鱼彩票 app-狂欢的巴黎——新式社区大想象a metropolitan-scaled architecture on one of the sites proposed within the greater city limits. Responding to the brief, it was designed to be a dynamic and attractive neighborhood in a new eco-district.

            Image YAM Studio


            Hamonic+Masson's mixed-use development is situated in a brownfield site on the Arsenal eco-district in Rueil-Malmaison, located in Paris’ first ring of suburbs and approximately 8km to the west of the city. The idea is to bring new life to this sector and improve the surrounding population’s quality of life. A new metro station will be built as part of the Grand Paris Express development, creating a new dimension for the town and the need for surrounding urban developments, housing and services. The neighborhood development will be at the heart of the new Arsenal eco-district.

            Image YAM Studio


            High Garden combines housing and nature through a ydiversity of exterior spaces that create a continuation of the urban park. The design reimagines balconies as green areas, like suspended gardens. In turn, the introduction of 章鱼彩票 app-狂欢的巴黎——新式社区大想象a tunnel system means nature can develop vertically from flower boxes. The landscape also creates a level of intimacy thanks to planted balcony partitions. The housing project is also home to a communal roof garden measuring 400sqm, with greenhouses and plant containers for growing a variety of fruit, vegetables, plants and flowers. These spaces become a common ground between the individual and the collective.

            Image Hamonic+Masson & Associs


            The idea of communal space continues back down on the ground floor in the central public square, which is also home to an iconic, suspended building. As the team states, "public space emerges between the structure’s supporting poles where various interactions and uses emerge, creating an active space underneath the project. A bar nestles up above, suspended in a “cloud.” Here users can take in the structure’s shimmering patterns produced throughout the day, and enjoy a more intimate atmosphere in the evening. A panoramic restaurant emerges from the cloud in a warm, wooden atmosphere. The glazed faade can be opened completely, allowing the surrounding landscape to penetrate this space."

            Image YAM Studio

            Image XO3D


            新闻来源:Hamonic+Masson & Associs事务所

            A fully accessible terrace is sited atop the structure as a public space. This panoramic viewpoint overlooks the neighborhood and can also host events like jazz concerts, exhibitions etc. Illuminations circle the terrace while the steps leading up and floating balloons diffuse light. Back on the ground floor, a public space continues and runs between the building and the reconverted hall. This new public square can host a market, sporting events, concerts, or an ice rink. In turn, the project’s height invites passers-by, locals and inhabitants of Rueil-Malmaison to appreciate the open horizon of the Grand Paris metropolis.

            News via Hamonic+Masson & Associs

            Image YAM Studio

            Image YAM Studio

            Image Hamonic+Masson & Associs

            投资方:Pitch Promotion, Immobilire 3F, Androma, Gaa Promotion, Perl

            主创建筑师: Hamonic+Masson & Associs.

            景观设计:R architecture


            工程设计:TZ Ingnierie (结构), Matre Cube (木材施工), VIZEA (环境工程), EDF (能源工程), Lumicene (生物气候窗户概念), Aaqius (氢气舱体概念), Topager (城市农业)

            经营者:Knot (电动滑板), Veloptimo (共享单车服务), Zephyre (充电站), Cuisine et Sant (烹饪区)

            Investors: Pitch Promotion, Immobilire 3F, Androma, Gaa Promotion, Perl

            Lead coordinating architect: Hamonic+Masson & Associs.

            Associate architect: R architecture

            Landscape architect: A+R

            Light design: Concepto

            Engineers: TZ Ingnierie (structure), Matre Cube (wood constrm37y30uction), VIZEA (environmental engineer), EDF (energy), Lumicene (bioclimatic window conception), Aaqius (hydrogen capsule conception), Topager (urban agriculture)

            Operators: Knot (electric scooters), Veloptimo (bike share service), Zephyre (electrical recharge stations), Cuisine et Sant (culinary workshops)


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