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            [作文类型] 线状图

            [作文标题] The graph below shows the differences in wheat exports over three different areas.


            [归纳点评] 此类趋势图主张依照线条描绘目标别离论说,留意每个曲线的最高点和最低点以及整体趋势。主张一段整体叙述澳大利亚加拿大欧盟小麦出口在1985到1990的总趋势,二段描绘澳加拿大和欧盟,留意欧盟小麦出口超越澳大利亚的时间段。末尾段面善澳大利亚的小麦出口下降趋势


            [作文标题] Some people consider that is of little of no use to us. Others2019年5月4日雅思巨细作文点评及范文解析 believe that studying history help us to know the present. Discuss these views and give your opinions.

            [标题剖析] 两头观念类作文,评论两头观念并给出个人观念

            [体裁类别] 教育类

            [思路剖析] 观念2019年5月4日雅思巨细作文点评及范文解析在于评论学习前史有无用途,此类作文主张不要一刀切,而是别离论说两头观念的合理之处,如学习前史无用能够从个人工作和经济发展方面证明,而证明前史对现在的认知效果能够从文明和民族视点证明,最终个人观念有必定倾向但不要绝对化。


            whether studying history is useful or not has formed a debatable issue. Personally, I tend to hold that the study of history is an indis悉尼天气pensable part in our educational system.

            Having a command of historical knowledge, in somebody's views, is not practical. After all, as a subject consisting of various records of our ancestors, history is too abstract and theoretical for personal career prospect and the development of our country. As for students who are not majored in history, devoting enormous time and energy to delving into history could not ensure that they could obtain a decent job after graduation, since the talent needed by enterprises should be armed with one or several practical skills so that they could be competent for their positions and generate profit for their corporations. What's more, it is the advancement of scientific technology, instead of stories in history, lay the foundation of the prosperity of economy.

            However, opposite arguments that history enable people to comprehend our current life from culture to nation are also convincing. firstly, without relevant historical knowledge, most festivals will lose its cultural origins and most customs also lack its meaning. As a result, only forms and styles remained and profound and extensive cultu2019年5月4日雅思巨细作文点评及范文解析re will become arid desert one day. Secondly, history prompt citizens to form the consensus of their nations. For instance, through imparting the brilliant and long history of China to students, teachers establish the concept of nation in students' mind and all efforts and devotions from our ancestors to boost our country will be engraved in their memory, which trigger their love for their motherland.

            Overall, even though studying history seems futile in terms of personal earning and the economic boom, it help citizens conserve their culture and locate their identity in this world, which is , in my opinion, is more essential in modern society.

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